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One hellish tale Azzarello is telling. 

This month sure had some pretty freaky imagery from Wonder Woman.  Well let’s start with the non freaky. 

This is probably my favorite Wonder Woman cover thus far.  Also, every time I see Wonder Woman interact with Aleka, I can’t help but recall those amazons from Futurama.  I even read her lines in the animated voices.

Now on to the rest of the book which has all sorts of nightmarish imagery.  I’d say Cassandra deserved whatever she has coming, but now I feel bad.  Just look at her face as she started to realize what she was eating.  And then there is that whole scene with Zeus.  These gods are sick.  You’ll agree with me when you realize what has been done to torture a god.  Azzarello is spinning something pretty twisted here about gods and demons which just happens to feature Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman 30 creepy but oh so enjoyable to read.

Something finally happens in Uncanny X-men!

Well to be fair, something is always happening in every issue of Uncanny X-men.  It’s just not happening at a pace most readers expect or want.  A lot did happen in this issue though, but I just want to go over Scott confronting Maria Hill because that’s the most delicious part. 

See, I was just thinking to myself last issue that Ms. Hill is starting to develop an abnormal obsession with Mr. Summers.  I was starting to wonder if maybe she was just crushing on him big time.  She’s just so pent up all the time, who knows, maybe some hate sex is what she is after.  Of course, she could also be just incredibly thorough and dedicated to her job.  Then I saw these panels and it seemed like my worst fear had come true.  Bendis has somehow read my mind and is now putting down on paper some of the worst fanfiction in my head.  I mean, awesome for me, but terrible for everyone else. 

- Upon hearing Scott Summers name mentioned, her face lights up like a teen girl who’s high school crush just accepted an invitation to her birthday party.

- Cyclops casually out maneuvering her.  Maddeningly impressing her and infuriating her at the same time.

- Having his students humiliate her by revealing her attraction to hm, but at the same time probably relief that it’s now out in the open and he knows. 

I was thinking, gawd this could not get any worse.  It’s like a train wreck, all the while immensely enjoying it.  How can Bendis write such terrible fan-fiction and yet have it so damn compelling, I can’t stop reading it. 

But then luckily for my sanity, Cyclops explained that whatever they pulled out of her head could have been implanted there to throw him off.  Which was more credible.  Also that last panel….I’m sure you do Maria, I’m sure you do. 

Uncanny X-men 20 I’m excited about the next issue, aren’t you?