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Finally!  As many of you know, because of a mix up at DC, the crossover with Batman/Superman and Worlds’ Finest ended up releasing the titles out of order.  So I’ve been holding on to Worlds’ Finest 21 for what seems like forever.  But with the release of Batman/Superman 09, I was able to go through them both at the same time which was a plus.  Because the crossover has been a joy to read, I’ll forgive DC just this once.  But next time DC………pow, straight to the moon!

Batman/Superman 09 Keep them coming!

A follow up post to yesterday.  Yes, I said Kitty and the JGS failed Jean, but failing at something is not the same as not trying.  After the incident where Jean had mind controlled Warren, Kitty did have a talk to with Jean. 

The talk, while stern does nothing to further her understanding of the ethical use of her powers.  Kitty uses Spider Man’s example of with great power comes great responsibility, but telepathy is more than just about responsibility.  It’s about morality.  Why use the struggles of some other superhero that Jean knows nothing about rather than the struggles of the X-men’s own past as an example? Did Jean have a responsibility to keep Warren safe?  Yes.  Was it ethically wrong for her to take away his free will in order to do so?

Near the end of her talk, Kitty threatens Jean with possibly sending her home if she further abuses her power.  Again, while it’s a a nice moment, this threat was equivalent to threatening to send Jean to her room.  While Emma’s punishment of Jean might have partly come out of spite, she was way more effective at conveying to Jean that she was in the wrong.  First of all, it was immediate, second of all it was a taste what Jean was doing to others (basically invading their mind).  I suspect that Jean’s embarrassment came more from what Emma had done rather than her own abuse of her power.  This coupled with the fact that she may have come to realize she was in the wrong is probably more effective at this point then any talk Kitty is giving.

All New X-men 011

Uncanny X-Men 309 (1994) - With no one to teach him, Charles Exavier knew that it was wrong the moment he tried to take away his girlfriend Emelia’s free will. 

All New X-Men 011 (2013) - This scene.  Kitty and the JGS utterly failed Jean by not immediately impressing upon her the wrongness of what she is doing to Warren.  Everyone is uncomfortable, but no one seems at all shocked at what she is doing.  What does it say about the X-men then that two former Villains (Magneto and Emma) are the only ones who remembers that they are teachers first.  Just a thought.