And with just these two pages, Bendis Jason Aaron has managed to troll the X-community, if in fact that was his intentions.   Everything from the hate of Schism to Cyclops mutant revolution to Wolverine being watered down and the whole hilarious idea that maybe they broke up due to sexual tensions. Lol.  Seems like I’ve been hearing “These aren’t my X-men” more often than usual the last few years or so.  Oh this is good.  He even got in a shot about X-fans bemoaning the way Jean Grey is being depicted.  Not everybody feels this way but the ones that do are usually the loudest.  I am amused and entertained. 

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    That’s because we as the readership have been taught to canonize Jean Grey the way Wolverine and …to some degree Cyclops...
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    And now Bendis is blaming Scott and Wolverine for what happened to Jean. Poor widdle martyr adulterous Princess Perfect...
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    Im only reading up at the slower, marvel Unlimited rate, because of well, money constraints (comic lovers check out that...
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    I really don’t get Wolverine’s response here. His X-Men DIDN’T pull the O5 from the past and take them into the present?...
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